The ethnic and regal state of Rajasthan can be a home away from home for people. It is considered to be one amongst the safest destinations in India. Famed primarily for its rich culture and imposing forts and palaces, Rajasthan is one of the topmost tourist destinations in India, loved by both Indians and foreigners alike. Considering the tourism in India, the country is considered to be the safest place in the world to travel. When a person is very particular places in India to travel and explore then definitely Rajasthan tops the list. It is the most tourist hit destination in India and the safety is definitely the prime reason for that. To make you understand the things better, we are here with the 8 reasons why Rajasthan is considered to be the safest tourist destinations in India.

People-Friendly Environment: Rajasthan’s hospitality is its iconic trademark, but even its friendliness is so off-the-cuff. You will find extremely humble and friendly locals here that will turn up your trip into great memories. A walk through the street or lanes of Rajasthan will never let you feel that you are at an alien’s land.

Festive Atmosphere: Rajasthan is a land of festivals. There are so many held annually such as the Desert Festival, Pushkar Fair, Elephant Festival, Gangaur Festival, Marwar Festival and Nagaur Festival just to name a few. Also, the atmosphere in general is very festive. So, the things happening in and around you will fill you with the full zest and zeal.

Good Accommodation Option: Tourism is a greater source of revenue for the locals of Rajasthan hence the government and the travel and tour industry is blooming at the state. Your stay at any place in Rajasthan is going to be the most comfortable one because here you can find very good and comfortable accommodation options. Rajasthan has all kinds of options to choose from – luxury hotels, guest houses, heritage resorts, budget hotels and home stays. Apart from comfort and amenities, the hotels give you great hospitality and a true ‘Rajasthan’ experience.

Open-Minded and Respectful Locals: Although Rajasthan is a highly conservative state, the locals respect a visitor’s individuality. If a woman is rambling all alone in any city of Rajasthan, she would be respected for who she is and her background. Even if she is from a different culture or follows a totally different way of life, she wouldn’t draw attention. The locals in general know that they have to receive each guest with reverence.

Personal Space: A place in India where you can get your own personal space even if you are surrounded by many people is definitely Rajasthan. Even if at a crowded place you want to do something on your laptop no one is going to stare you are ask you about the things. This is something that you can hardly find at the other places in India.

Variety of Things to See and Do: Rajasthan is best to travel because there are varieties of things to see and do here. Every nook and cranny in the cities of Rajasthan is so full of buzz. A place that will fill you up with many options is definitely Rajasthan.

Ideal for Solo Travelers: If you are planning to go to somewhere for a solo trip then head towards Rajasthan. The state will never disappoint you in any of your desires and definitely you are going to collect the best memories of life from here.

Pick up Services by Hotels: If you are still worried as how your trip to Rajasthan is going to be, then it is better to hire a reliable, trusted and experienced local Rajasthan tour operator for the task. You will get pick-up services from the hotel from wherever you are arriving.

Plan your safe and secure travel through Rajasthan. You are going to get the best experience of life from here. There is no doubt on this that Rajasthan is the safest tourist destination in India and the above mentioned points are the best justifications to that.