Rajasthan, the state of the royals is full of wonders and you will need a lot of time to visit this place fully. What to do if you have a very short holiday? Chill! You can plan a 3 day Jaipur trip. The Pink city is full of Rajasthani flavor. It is the first planned city in India. The fresh air, Rajasthani culture, historical palaces, mouth-watering foods will make you fall for this city. Jaipur has a well-planned transport system and the availability of Buses, Cabs and other transports and the clean roads make it possible for you to explore Jaipur in three days. While having a trip to Jaipur, the places you must visit are :

Hawa Mahal

Hawa mahal is one of the most important place to visit in Jaipur. The literal meaning of the name ‘Hawa Mahal’ is palace of winds. This is one of the best example of ancient Indian architecture and the palace is designed in such a manner that the cool breeze circulates in the palace continuously. The walls made with red and pink sandstone and in-numerous windows make it breathtakingly beautiful.

City Palace

The City Palace complex is spread over a large area covering the one seventh part of Jaipur. City Palace is an example of the fusion culture as it reflects the combination of the Mughal and Rajput architecture. If you don’t visit the gardens,court yards, museum, temples in the city palace complex your Jaipur tour will remain incomplete.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is another attraction in your Jaipur itinerary. This is not a regular monument. This enigmatic building is designed very scientifically that reflects the culture of using the ancient scientific instruments to study astronomy. If you are not that much interested in astronomy, then you might skip this place but it is indeed a part of your Jaipur trip. Try to visit this place early in the morning and it takes 2 hours to visit the whole Jantar Mantar but it is adjacent to Hawa mahal so you can cover these places in one day.

Amer Fort

Start your second day with visiting the forts. Amer fort is situated 7 km to the North Jaipur. Made with red and white stones, it is one of the most beautiful forts in India. You can take an Elephant ride to reach to the courtyard of this Fort. While visiting Dewan-e-aam, Sukh mandir, Sheesh mahal in the fort you will experience the best of the Rajput and Mughal architecture. Don’t miss the light show.

Jal Mahal

It is near to the Amer fort. Surrounded with water this palace appears to float in the Mansagar lake. Visiting this palace will be a treat to your eyes.Apart from this you can visit the Nahargarh fort, and Jaigarh fort. While paying a visit to the splendid Nahargarh fort, it will remind you of the movie Rang de basanti. Jaigarh fort is an architectural marvel that provides a great view of the Jaipur city. The biggest attraction here is the Jaivana cannon. It is the world’s biggest wheeled cannon ever made.Spend the second day of your Jaipur tour in this way.

Bhangarh fort

For the third and last day of your Jaipur trip plan something offbeat. Go to the Bhangarh fort and hunt down some ghosts. Sounds spooky right? No, the local people have never ever seen any ghost here. Visit it in the daylight and have some excitement. This will make your itinerary more thrilling. If possible go to the Birla Temple after visiting Bhangarh and complete the Jaipur trip.

So, don’t get upset if the time span of your vacation is shorter. Make a plan and travel Jaipur to experience the grandeur of the royal life style and most importantly try the Rajasthani cuisine.