India – the country of incredible impossibilities where bullock carts and Jets co-exist in just right concord. Where one can find such a unique concord of tradition and modernity? The slogan “Unity in Diversity” perfectly suits with India. Having a tremendous range of place of tourist interest, amazing wildlife sanctuary and parks, cultural heritage palaces, architecturally beautiful structures, India is indeed a best place to visit. Apart from these tourists, there are also many alluring cities and places in India which are worth seeing for their own different-different importance.
Here are mentioned about some important places in India which are popular among tourists in all over the world for their unique features.

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Central India :

The major part of Central India is Madhya Pradesh. Located in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is the largest state in India. The capital of Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal which is also popularly known as the City of Lakes. Other important cities of Madhya Pradesh are Gwalior, Indore, Khajuraho, and Panchmarhi. Madhya Pradesh has wealth of many architecturally beautiful monuments & forts, exhilarating wildlife sanctuaries & national parks including Kanha National Park & Bandhavgarh National Park and exotic culture. Superb fort in Gwalior, marble rocks in Jabalpur, Buddhist site at Sanchi, spectacular temples of love in Khajuraho are some worth seeing destinations in Madhya Pradesh, Central India. The central state of Madhya Pradesh is surrounded by Vindhya and Satpura mountains.

North India :

Knowingly North India is the most important part of India. There are many important places of tourist interest in North India. North India has wealth of many important places of tourist interest. Ganga, Yamuna and sources of many other important rivers are in North India. There are three main religions in North India – Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The might Himalayas is situated in North India which is popular among tourists for adventure and sports. Blazing Thar Desert, monumental heritage, exciting wildlife sanctuaries, diverse culture, timeless monuments, stunning cities are some of attractions of North India.

South India :

Separated by Vindhya Mountain range from North India and surrounded by three oceans – the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, linguistic-cultural region of India, South India has four states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The land of South India is filled with many architecturally beautiful monuments, forts, palaces, temples and churches. The charismatic land of South India is also filled with cultural excitement and many breathtakingly beautiful beaches. In fact, entire South India is full of landscaped locations and fascination. During your South India Tours, the India never fails to capture you with its fascination.

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