Popularly known as “Hermit Kingdom” the land of cold desert – Ladakh is a land like no others. It is land of snow covered peaks, barren region, lucid & lovely lakes and mystic culture. Situated in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in Northern India, Ladakh is an exotic region which is sandwiched in between two of world’s mightiest mountain ranges – the Karakoram mountain range with enormous glaciers to the north and the great Himalayas with mountains over 7ooo metre high to the south. Ladakh is the land of high passes and it is twice than of Switzerland in size.

Ladakh is also known as the “Shangri-la” the last paradise or the “Little Tibet”. The culture of Ladakh is influenced with the Tibetan Buddhist Culture strongly. Ladakhi food is also very similar to Tibetan food. One can see architecturally beautiful structures which are also influenced by Tibetan style. One can observe a deeply Buddhist approach in monastic architecture of Ladakh. This is why Ladakh is called as the “Little Tibet”.

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The land of Ladakh is prosperous in culture, history, natural beauty and flora and fauna. The Ladakhi region is surrounded by Tibet to the east, the Lahul & Spiti to the south and Jammu & Kashmir to the west. To the north of Ladakh lies the central Asia. Wildlife in Ladakh is also worth seeing. Thrilling wildlife, majestic mountains, monasteries gripping to the rocky slopes of hills retain a timeless fascination of the Ladakhi Region. The people of Ladakh are also very warm, welcoming and friendly. This is why the exotic and mystic land of Ladakh appeals tourists to travel in Ladakh. In fact, the interesting land of Ladakh will never fail to allure you with its unique charm and fascination. At least, once in lifetime one must visit to Ladakh and enjoy its fascination.

Leh (3505 m)
Situated at height of 3505 metre and eastern parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Leh is regarded as the administrative, commercial and cultural capital of the Region Ladakh. Located on the banks of the river Indus, at a height of 11,000 feet, Leh is the main commercial centre of Ladakh. It has also an airport. The Airport of Leh is the only link of Ladakh with outside world for seven month of the year. Leh is an idyllic place for trekking and getting pleased with natural beauty and serenity. Some major attractions of Leh are Leh Palace, Leh Gompa, Jami Masjid, Sankar Gompa, Chamba Temple, Leh Fort, Shanti Stupa, the Bazaars and old town. The culture of Leh is strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhist culture. One can observe it in its cuisine, living style, Gompas, Temples etc.

Climate :
» Temperatures and climate vary according to the altitude.
» The summer days are hot with brillant blue skies. (Max 25°C. Min 10°C.)
» During winter, days are sunny and warm. (Max -6°C. Min -15°C.)
» Rainfall : 68mm.
» Snowfall : 16mm.

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