Odisha, also known as orissa is a great combination of naturally beautiful places and man-made sculptures. Surrounded by the hills, forest, Bay of Bengal this place is blessed with natural wonders. Coastal areas, forests, lakes, hills, historical monuments, museums, sculptures, pilgrimages and the beautiful cities make this state unique and it is one of the places which is retaining the Indian culture and tradition from yesteryears. Cities like Puri, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Chandipur, Konark are the famous tourist destinations.The liveliness of the cities and the serenity of the sea makes this place celestial. If you are planning to have trip to odisha, no tour will be completed without visiting these places. So make a list first and here are the glimpses of the sightseeings that you can’t miss in your odisha tour.


Cuttack is known as the business capital of Odisha. This epicenter of art, culture, literature has a large number of pilgrimages and religious places starting from Cuttack chandi temple,Dhabaleshwar temple, Baba ramdev temple, Gurudwara, Jama masjid, Qadam-e-rasool to numerous churches. Cuttak also famous for its street foods. The diversity of culture has blessed this city with a diverse cuisine. While traveling to Odisha, you must go to Cuttack if you love shopping. Silver filigree jeweleries, various handicraft items and the world famous textile industry are the main attraction for people and because of the silver filigree industry, this city is called as the silver city of India.


While enlisting the destinations for your Odisha tour, you can’t skip this name. The sea beach, sunrise, and age-old temples make this city attractive. Sitting at the beach while watching the sunrise is a wonderful experience. Stroll through the never ending beach, count the waves, play with them, take a sun bath and enjoy the fullest. Don’t forget to witness the splendid sand-arts. In the evening various artists make sand-sculptures and these are the treat to our eyes. Try to visit the world famous Jagannath temple if you are interested but prefer the morning time to avoid rush. You can also visit the beach market for shopping. Local fisher-men are found fishing, some are selling pearls and conch-shells. Every bit of this place has a magic within.


Konark is an epicenter of ancient art, and culture. The historical sculptures bespeak of the age-old Indian architecture. The center of attraction for the tourists is the Konark sun temple. There are in numerous myth, history and stories about this temple. The Sun deity gets worshiped here. The excellent sculpture of the sun deity and his chariot make people wonder. The entrance of the temple is designed in such a special manner that the rays of rising sun touches the entrance first. Apart from this you can go to the archaeological museum, take a stroll through the serene beach and that will soothe you for sure.


Bhubaneshwar is called as the temple city of India as there are numerous temples situated in this city. Dhauli hills, Udaygiri, Khandgiri, Nandan kanan zoo are the tourist destinations of this city. This city is a exceptional place where history, tradition and urbanization has taken place together. Bhubaneshwar is an essential part of Odisha tourism. Whether you are a history lover or a nature lover, you can’t miss the chance to explore this place while traveling to Odisha.


Wanna walk through the wide sea bed while collecting sea shells? Wanna see the turtles coming from the sea and walking beside you? Of course you wanna see. Just make sure that you are visiting chandipur while having a trip to Odisha. The sea food items are the other attraction for tourists.

So, make a plan, have a trip to Odisha, explore the state and make memories.