Swagat Tours & Travels invites and welcomes you to tours to Sariska, one of the mostworth visiting wildlife destinations in India, as a part of Rajasthan Tours. To make your tours to Sariska more convenient, we provide you a comprehensive guide of Sariska Wildlife Tours. Information on Sariska Travel Guide provided by us surely will be very useful to you.

Sariska Fast Facts :

  • Location : 35km from Alwar, 107km from Jaipur, 200km from Delhi
  • Known for : Sariska National Park or Tiger Reserve
  • Population : 2,324,319 (approximately)
  • Temperature : Max 47 ºC, Min 24 ºC (summer), Max 31 ºC, Min 3 ºC (winter)
  • Rainfall : 650 mm
  • Languages : Hindi, English, Rajasthani
  • Major Attraction : Sariska National Park
  • Best Time to Visit : October to March

Sariska Informaton
Sariska is one of the major travel destination of India and famous for its national park or tiger reserve. Situated in north-west of Tiger, Sariska Travel Guide, Sariska Tourism Rajasthan, Sariska as wildlife attractions of Rajasthan Tourism plays an important role in the enhancement of tourism in Rajasthan. At the distance of 35 km away from Alwar, in the backdrop of Aravalli Hills, Sariska is an amazingly quiet and peaceful travel destination. With strong historical background, Sariska is predominantly famous for Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and tiger reserve. A large gathering of tourists come here from far around to visit Sariska to see Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. Sariska offers an exciting wildlife experience.

Along the age of Sariska National Park, there is a breathtaking Siliserh Lake and fascinating hunting lodge overlooking it. This hunting lodge is spectacular place for travelers to stay. Besides wildlife Sariska has also some forts & palaces and temples which are also worth visiting. Sariska Palace – built by the ruler of Alwar, Kanakwari Fort and ancient temple of Lord Shiva are worth visiting.
We, at Swagat Tours and Travels, provide comprehensive information about Sariska and Sariska National Park. We also provide Sariska City Guide package to visit Sariska and Sariska Tiger Reserve. Just prepare yourself and embark on Sariska tour. Sariska will never fail to captivate you with its charm and fascination.

Some Major Attractions in Sariska

The fame of Sariska is mainly due to exhilarating Sariska Tiger Reserve or Sariska National Park. Well nestled in Arravali hills and getting an area of 800 sq km, Sariska wildlife sanctuary is one of the most popular tiger reserves in India. Sariska was once the royal hunting preserve of the Maharaja of Alwar. In 1955, Sariska was affirmed as a wildlife sanctuary and in 1979 it was declared as a National Park or Tiger Reserve.

Apart from tigers and leopards Sariska National Park is also home to other animals and birds such as; Panther, Hyena, Leopard, Jungle cat, Gaur, Jackal, fox, Four-horned antelope, and many birds like Horned owl, Crested serpent eagle, peafowl, golden-backed woodpecker etc. Sariska wildlife tours with Swagat Tours & Travels will surely be a mesmerizing experience.

Sariska Palace : Situated at just outside the gate of Sariska National Park, is another major attractions of Sariska Tour. This fort was built by the rulers of Alwar. Now Sariska Palace has been turned into a fiver star hotel.

Kanakwari Fort : Kanakwari Fort is also a worth visiting attraction of Sariska. This fort was built by Aurangzeb. This is the fort where once Aurangzeb caged his brother, Dara Shikoh.

Excursions : 
While traveling in Sariska, don’t miss to take excursions from here. It will be also an enchanting experience. Some closest destination from Sariska are where.

How to reach Sariska
By Air : The nearest Airport – Jaipur
By Rail : The nearest Railway Station – Alwar
By Road : Well-connected from Delhi, Jaipur and Alwar.

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