Rajasthan slays with its royal appeal. It has a regal aura around it. Rajasthan, the name itself pronounces, the place of kings. Rajasthan tour includes the highlights of its vast geographical encompass, from absolutely stunning forts of ancient valor to the only hill-station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu. The striking desert places, the sand dunes, the night camps, the royal forts are all a must for your Rajasthan tour. But as most travelers are explorers to the core. Wanting to visit every nook and corner of the state. To fathom the Thar Desert, to measure the parched landscape. Rajasthan tour is incomplete without a sneak peak into what lies beyond the lens.

Rajasthan tour comprises of all the frequently visited places and forts and minars. The bustling markets. The caravan of camels will take you to the known land but to soak into Rajasthan, ditch the usual ride, head off to the road less traveled and there you will meet a Rajasthan you haven’t been yet introduced to. Some surprisingly lesser known tourist destinations of Rajasthan are:


A small village perfectly situated between Jaipur and Udaipur. It is a gem of place with a larger than life Maharaja Palace. It also hosts a man-made lake. It is picturesque and totally unspoiled. The fort stands tall echoing the great ancient heroes and the rich history of our Indian culture. People in Bundi are tourist-friendly. The place is distinctive as it proudly boasts of being independent even under the British rule only to be a part of India after independence in 1947. Its time you rise the bar for yourself and unravel Earth’s mystic beauty in your trip to Rajasthan.

Ramathra Fort

The glorious fort is situated between Agra and Ranthambore. It is great place to stop by and be consumed in its historical significance. It is a stunning local landmark and allows the much needed solace. Tourists can enjoy Jeep safaris and hop onto explore the Kalisil Lake. There are some grand hotels and suites for travellers wanting to have a royal nap in the vicinity. Ramantha fort, now that you know, don’t miss out this site when you are planning for your tour to Rajasthan.


Amanbagh is situated at the rural outskirts of Jaipur. Amanbagh has the potential to stay with you all your life with this amazing tour to Rajasthan. The area was used for royal errands for hunting. Amanbagh now has been transformed into a resort to let the travelers have a royal feel in the midst of this tract. It is carved out of Mughal-inspired architecture and has a swimming pool, a luxurious spa and haveli suites for all the comfort you need in your trip to Rajasthan.

Mihir Garh

Mihir Garh is a spectacular landscape, recently designed in 2009. It donned the Rajasthani heritage with a touch of modernity. It soothes the eyes with a puff of fresh view and perspective. The main highlight is that it is crafted from clay and other local materials and dazzles in golden hue. No doubt it really does create the Rajasthani spark with present day glitz and will raise the quotient with its magnifying beauty. Rajasthan tourism is incomplete without such epic classic monuments to remember by.

Shahpura Bagh

This is the nest for love birds. If you are looking for some quality time with your partner in your trip to Rajasthan, then this is the place for you. The boutique Shahpura Bagh is a one of a kind heritage hotel and is sure to keep you wonder struck in your trip to Rajasthan. It is located between Jaipur and Udaipur but is also remote adding advantage of quietness and a peaceful outing in the midst of Rajasthan.

Lakshman Sagar

Your trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without having to drop by Lakshman Sagar. The rugged desert landscape away from the city life enchants eternity. The resorts will give you all the feels of being a royal. The architecture is simple and serene with private splash pool and many such royal requisites.

Rajasthan tours are imperfect without exploring the zeniths of unknown tourist destinations. But one thing is certain, you will fall in love with Rajasthan once you get to explore these hidden gem of places. Rajasthan tour promises unmatched beauty and elegance. No wonder Rajasthan tourism is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India.