Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, is mostly known for myriad sagas of valor, bravery, chivalry, sacrifices of the legendary kings and queens. It is also known for the vintage palaces, forts, castles and other ancient sculptures that are carrying the memories of the Royals. The colorful cities, Desserts, Lakes, Camel safari, Elephant safari, Trade fairs, mouth-watering foods, and obviously the scenic beauty makes this place is a center of attraction for tourists and that’s why the Rajasthan tour is always preferred by the travelers. If you are planning to travel to Rajasthan, then your journey must entail these places.


Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is called the Pink city. There are mesmerizing palaces colored with pink make it the attraction for tourists and it is the most famous shopping destination of Rajasthan. Once you go to the markets for shopping, you’ll get to the see cultural, traditional art and crafts of this state. Starting from colorful clothes, bags, footwears, jewelries, utensils to showpieces there is an aesthetic touch everywhere. So, shop till you drop and don’t forget to bargain. The Amer Fort and the city palace are the must-visit places. Jaipur is also famous for precious stones. Luxurious hotels, budget-friendly guest houses, family-owned hotels, there are plenty of options to stay in Jaipur.


While traveling to Rajasthan, your tour would remain incomplete if you miss the blue city. Yes! You heard it right Jodhpur is called by the name blue city. There are lots of small house painted with blue color and this is the beauty of this place along with other royal forts and castles. There are hotels to stay in Jodhpur with different price rates.


Rajasthan tour packages also include Udaipur, the city of lakes. So many times, all of us have seen the locations of Venice on the silver screen and even we drooled over them. Just have a trip to Udaipur, the Indian version of Venice will make you happy surely. The lakes, boat rides, palaces simply make this place a dreamland. This is also called as the white city.


Visiting Jaisalmer is an essential part of Rajasthan tour. The Jaisalmer fort is made of golden colored stones which make it look like a sand castle. It is also called as Golden Fort. If the walls of the fort could talk, then they would have told innumerable stories to the tourists. The museum should not be missed. Tourist usually visits the Sam village which is nearly 45Km away from Jaisalmer.


Pushkar is mostly famous for the lake and the Brahma temple. This place is believed to be the only place in India where Lord Brahma gets worshipped in the temple. The scenic beauty is splendid and another interesting thing is the Camel trade fair of Pushkar. No Rajasthan traveler can afford to miss this place.

Rajasthan is the place where the palaces, and forts are carrying the pride of Indian culture till date and where each of stones of the castles has witnessed timeless stories of love, war, sacrifice. Places like Bikaner, Bundi, and Sekhawati Region are also part of Rajasthan tourism. Apart from this Rajasthani cuisine is another reason for attracting the tourists. While traveling don’t forget to taste the items DaalBatiChurma,BesanGatte, MirchPakoda, Kachoriand LaalMaas. There are lots of exciting places to explore. Just immerse yourself into the majestic ambiance of Rajasthan and enjoy every bit of your Rajasthan tour.